There's no embarrassment in having sexual issues. The only embarrassment comes from not taking the steps to understand and correct them. Dr. Ron Rice is available confidentially to help you return to having a fulfilling sex life. Call today at (248) 760-2571.

Sexual Therapy Program

Image: Sexual Therapy, Dr. Ron Rice, Clinical Psychologist

It is quite common today for couples to experience one or more sexual problems. However, the world of sexuality is quite complex and can involve a variety of issues that interfere with relationships. In some cases a difficult sexual situation can cause severe stress in a relationship/marriage. In a similar fashion, problems in a relationship can result in diminished and unfulfilled sexuality. Whether sexual problems are the cause or the result of relationship problems, help is available. The sexual therapy program is designed to address all of the issues that have an impact on sexuality and relationships.

Basic Factors

Once medical reasons are ruled out, most sexual problems are a result of some basic factors.

  1. Poor communication
  2. Emotional distractions
  3. Unrealistic expectations
  4. Immature perceptions
  5. Problems with respect
  6. Difficulties understanding individual differences.
  7. Not working together toward realistic and mature solutions to sexual problems

Common Concerns

Some of the most common presenting concerns include the following:

  1. We have different sex drives
  2. We do not “do it” enough
  3. We do it too much
  4. He/she does not understand my sexual needs
  5. Sex is too mechanical
  6. There is no foreplay
  7. Premature ejaculation
  8. Erectile Dysfunction
  9. Unwillingness to communicate effectively to create a mutually satisfying relationship.
  10. He/she won’t try something different
  11. Problem having an orgasm
  12. I don’t feel aroused no matter what he/she does

Again, the problems listed above can be primary or secondary to a problem relationship. Sometimes it is necessary to focus attention first on the quality of the relationship before looking at sexual problems. Most often both perspectives (sexual and relationship) must be addressed. The sexual therapy program is modeled after the work of sexologists Helen Kaplan Singer and Masters and Johnson. Relationship problems are always addressed in the program. The basic program deals primarily with creating a more realistic, intimate and mutually satisfying sexual relationship. If the relationship has no significant problems then the sexual therapy program is ten weeks in duration. Call now for a free consultation at (248) 760-2571!