Are you not at your best because you lack strong self esteem? Don't let this be a problem that stops you from being the great person you are. Call Dr. Rice today at (248) 760-2571 and begin the journey to a having more confidence and pride in yourself.

How do you see yourself? By being honest with yourself as to where you are today, you can see where you need to make improvements.

Your self-image is how you evaluate your own life, how you feel about your job, your relationships and where you’re going.

How do you REALLY feel about yourself? Do you have a harsh, negative opinion of yourself? Or do you have self-confidence rooted in your valuing of yourself?

The test below will help you understand your self-image and may create some informative ideas to assist you in moving forward in a positive way.

For each question, choose one of the following answers. The number next to the answer represents how many points that answer is worth.

  • 1 – Never
  • 2 – Rarely
  • 3 – Sometimes
  • 4 – Usually
  • 5 – Always

For an example look at item 1 below (you express your opinions openly). If your answer is that you usually express opinions openly, you would put a 4 next to the item.

  1. You express your opinions openly _____
  2. You have no fear of being rejected by other people _____
  3. When you have to make a major decision that affects mostly you (such as changing Jobs), you may consult with other people, but the final decision is your own _____
  4. You forgive yourself for your mistakes _____
  5. You believe you deserve the best life has to offer _____
  6. You accept yourself for being the way you are _____
  7. You are able to express your feelings, both positive and negative _____
  8. You set aside some time just for you _____
  9. You ask for help when you need it _____
  10. You will return an unsatisfactory item to a store _____
  11. You don’t worry about what others think of you _____
  12. If you are dissatisfied with an important part of your life, you will take steps to make a change _____
  13. You are comfortable making eye contact with other people _____
  14. When criticized, you listen, but don’t take it personally _____
  15. You are comfortable trying new things _____
  16. You can make a list of your accomplishments and/or positive qualities without a great deal of difficulty _____
  17. You are comfortable around successful people _____
  18. You believe you can handle anything _____

Now add up all your scores for the 18 items and record the total here _______

What your scores on the test of self-esteem mean?

0-18: Time to Change

You question every decision you make and are crippled by lack of self-respect. Your self-esteem is dangerously low and you MUST make improving your self-esteem a #1 priority in your life.

19-36: Signs of Trouble

You believe other people are worth more than you are. Your self-esteem is shaky at best and needs work.

37-54: Middle of the Road

You have days when you think you’re doing ok, and days when you question everything you do. Work on believing in you a little bit more, and everything will fall into place. Counseling can be quite helpful.

55-72: On the right track

Your faith in yourself is on the right track, but can use improvement. Practice recognizing each small accomplishment and your self-esteem will start to soar.

73-90: No one has to tell you that you’re ok! You have a healthy sense of self-respect and rarely, if ever, question your decisions. You learn from your mistakes instead of dwelling on them. Keep up the good work!