If you are experiencing trouble in your relationship, you may have considered couples counseling. Whether you seem to be having the same argument on a regular basis or there has been some tension in agreeing on a particular topic, the fact of the matter is that it’s perfectly normal for a couple to disagree on different things. It’s what makes being in a relationship so wonderful. After all, being with someone who has the exact same opinions on you would be a little boring, wouldn’t it?

Living in close proximity to someone who thinks about things differently than you do is one of the best ways to grow as a person, but what happens when you start to realize there’s a problem? It could be that small things suddenly set you off and a huge argument ensues. Perhaps it’s triggered by the same thing on a regular basis. Whatever the situation looks like, does couples counseling actually help to make a real difference in a relationship? That’s the topic we would like to dig into a bit today, so keep reading to learn more.

Are You Seeking Counseling Services For Your Relationship?

The truth of the matter is that in many cases, having an unbiased outside party to help you work through things can be incredibly helpful. As a trained professional, I have plenty of experience in helping couples to get things back on track. It can often feel like an emotional web is built over time and it can be difficult to assess your true feelings to get to the root of the issue. It’s my job to help you untangle that web and help you to find the path to a more mature and healthy relationship with your significant other.

You deserve to be in a happy marriage with your partner and what I’ve found is that good communication is the key to your success. As children, we go to school to learn how to read and write, how to do math, and how to look at science, but what we don’t always learn is how to communicate effectively. After all, there isn’t usually a class specifically designed around helping you to listen and share your feelings!

Get a Free onsultation Today

As a trained psychologist, I would love nothing more than to help you introduce healthy communication into your relationship and build up your foundations of intimacy, respect, and love. You want to be with your partner and I would love nothing more than to help you work through your issues and find the solutions that work best for you.

Every couple is different and I treat every situation differently, but the end goal is the same--to provide you with the tools you need to get the most out of your relationship in the healthiest way possible. A meaningful relationship is truly a thing of beauty and if you’re having issues, don’t despair. Learn more about me and my practice in Farmington Hills, see what you can expect from couples counseling, and then give me a call at 248-237-6147 for a free half hour consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

It’s not at all uncommon for a person to go to a doctor when they’re not feeling well, so why is the decision so tough for some when they are considering seeing a therapist? In this day and age, thankfully a therapy session is becoming more commonplace. As a matter of fact, recent estimates show that between five and six million Americans see a therapist on at least a somewhat regular basis.

Whether you’re suffering from a depression disorder, you’re dealing with anxiety over what is happening at work, or you aren’t sure how to work through a particular problem at home, the fact of the matter is that seeing a therapist can make a huge difference in your life. Yes, there seems to be a stigma attached to finding help when you need it, but the truth is that it can actually be incredibly freeing. If you’re on the fence about whether to see someone or not, then today’s blog is for you.

Why See a Therapist?

It Will Help You Unpack Your Thoughts

Sometimes the most important thing is to just be able to talk to someone about what’s going on. Perhaps you feel that you can’t discuss your situation with a friend, a loved one, or a family member because you’re not sure where to start. Heading to counseling services means that you’ll have someone who will sit and listen to what you’re going through, allowing you to get it all out in the open. Unpacking your own thoughts can be a huge challenge, but having someone who knows how to listen and guide the conversation might be exactly what you need.

You Will Have a Support System

You may feel that no one will really understand what you’re going through, but you might be surprised to find that your loved ones will be incredibly supportive of your decision to see a therapist. Having someone to talk to on a regular basis also means that you have a built in support system and seeing someone who has your best interests in mind is certainly never a bad thing.

It Is Effective

According to the American Psychological Association, therapy works and “the science and research are there to back it up.” If you know someone who has gone to therapy, ask them what it did to help and what kept them coming back. Chances are that you will find that the answer is that the person got quite a bit out of therapy and looked forward to speaking with their counselor.

Schedule a Time to Chat With Me

Don’t let a depression disorder overtake your life. You deserve to get the treatment you need. Whatever is causing apprehension pales in comparison to the feeling of freedom and relief that you can experience during therapy. Whatever your situation looks like, I’m here to talk to you--and your half hour consultation is free! Learn a bit more about me and then give me a call at 248-237-6147 and I’d be glad to discuss your situation with you. If you’re looking for a therapist in Farmington Hills or the surrounding area, I’d love nothing more than to chat with you.

No matter how well you get along with your spouse most of the time, the simple fact of the matter is that at some point or another, the person you love is going to annoy you. How you deal with this of course depends on a number of different factors, but living in such close proximity to another person often means that problems will inevitably arise. This can sometimes lead to more serious marriage problems and necessitate seeing a therapist for a couples counseling session.

The first thing to know is that this isn’t something you should be ashamed of. You learn how to read and write in school, but oftentimes people don’t take classes on how to be married to one another. Fortunately for you, seeing a marriage counselor might be exactly what you need to get back on the same page as your spouse.

What Is Couples Counseling?

Well, to put it simply, couples counseling exists with the simple goal of helping you and your spouse to reconcile anything in your lives that might be causing an issue. Of course this can be vastly different from couple to couple. Whereas one married couple might find that they strongly disagree about how to divide chores and that is the source of tension in their marriage, others might find that a lack of communication is what is causing an issue in the first place.

The good news is that no matter what type of couple you and your spouse are, there is always room to grow and improve. You likely made vows to love and respect one another and oftentimes counseling services are the perfect way to figure out how to do just that.

The Necessary Inredients in a Marriage

Intimacy, respect, love, and caring are all absolutely vital to enjoying a happy, healthy marriage that you enjoy. The goal, of course, is to give your affection to another person and to receive it in return, growing as individuals and as a couple, but what people don’t always tell you is that this is something that requires quite a bit of work. Can it be difficult? Sure. But is it worth it? Most definitely.

If you’ve been looking for a therapist in Farmington Hills who can help you to navigate your way through a difficult or challenging time in your relationship, look no further. Dr. Ron Rice has been helping couples of all kinds for quite some time and if you are in the middle of a tough time, the key is not to despair. The first step is always finding the help you need to get through things and emerge happily on the other side.

Trying couples therapy can be a challenging thing, but every marriage can truly be a wonderful thing of beauty with a little bit of hard work and effort from both parties. If you’d like to get a helping hand in making the most of your relationship, schedule an appointment today and enjoy a free half hour consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re dealing with anxiety problems--whether it’s an anxiety disorder or even just the occasional issue that pops up from time to time--it can be really tricky to figure out how to approach the situation. Some of you may be wondering if an anxiety attack is the same as the panic attack and the answer is that while they are different, the overall feeling of helplessness can often be the same.

That’s why in today’s blog, we’d like to provide readers with a few tips on how to get over an anxiety attack. It can often feel like a massively frustrating situation, but Michigan clinical psychologist Dr. Ron Rice is here to help. You can schedule an appointment today and rest assured that you will soon be speaking with someone who knows the ins and outs of helping you to work your way through anxiety. But is there anything you can do on your own? We’ll take a look at this very question in today’s blog.

A Few Tips for Calming Yourself Down

After you have experienced an anxiety attack, you might find that it’s a subject that dominates your thoughts. Therefore you need something to help you push past that and into a better headspace. Fortunately for you, our tips might be just the thing to do the trick.

Zone Out

Sometimes there’s nothing better than simply turning your brain off for awhile. Although many people agree that too much mindless television is not a good thing, sometimes it can be exactly what a person needs. In this day and age, there are plenty of shows you can find that should fit the bill perfectly. Throw it on, lounge on the couch, and turn your brain off for awhile.

Grab a Book

Other times you might just want to allow your brain to head in a different direction and that’s where grabbing a good book can do the trick. Perhaps it’s a new book from your favorite author. Maybe it’s a classic that you checked out from the library. Either way, the end result is getting engrossed in something that allows you to use a different part of your brain and enjoy getting lost in a great story.

Take a Walk

If television and reading aren’t your thing, maybe taking a walk will be exactly what you need. Plus it’s a good excuse to give your dog some exercise! Grab your walking shoes and take a walk around your neighborhood. You might see something you didn’t even know existed! Or, of course, you could find a trail and head out for a hike, allowing you to do your body and your mind some good.

Schedule an Appointment

No matter what situation you might find yourself in, Dr. Ron Rice is the therapist who can help. Perhaps best of all, you can get a free half hour consultation to see if you’d like to utilize our counseling services to work through any issues that you may have. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!

Dealing with issues in a marriage can always feel like a tricky path to navigate. It’s a fact that every healthy marriage is going to have disagreements--put any two people in a home together for a period of time and they will surely disagree about something! There may come a time, however, that the disagreements turn into genuine marriage problems.

Whatever the cause of those problems--whether it’s not being on the same page about finances or conflicting opinions on how to raise your children--sometimes you just need a third party to take an objective look at things. Of course every couple is unique, but there are also a number of things that couples who are having problems have in common. That’s why in today’s blog, I’d like to present a few of the reasons I think you should consider marriage counseling.

Why Seek Couples Therapy?

You’ll Learn to Communicate More Effectively

Knowing how to communicate is a good skill to have whether it’s in a marriage, at your job, or even when a stranger strikes up a conversation with you. That’s why I strongly believe that couples should know a few of the keys to communicating effectively. It’s not often something that people are taught, but it goes a long way towards creating a happy, healthy, and long-lasting marriage. When you know what to say (or what not to say sometimes), it can go a long way towards defusing a situation and keeping both parties happy.

You’ll Learn What a Healthy Marriage Can Look Like

How much time do you spend alone? How much time do you spend together? There is no set answer on what the right answer to this question is, but figuring out how to strike a balance between the two and doing things that you enjoy separately and things you like doing together can make for a world of difference in a marriage.

You’ll Learn What Progress Looks Like

Make no mistake about it--marriage can be really tough sometimes! You learn things about yourself that you didn’t realize were there, but you can also view the difficulty as an opportunity for growth. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Being a more well-rounded person is in your best interest. Oftentimes arguments can quickly devolve into a shouting match, but with a bit of couples counseling, you’ll learn what progress can look like. It may take some time and yes, the work may be hard, but progress makes for a truly happy marriage at the end of the day.

Is Marriage Counseling For You?

If you’re intrigued by any of these ideas, I would absolutely love to sit down with you and your spouse to help you work through whatever needs working through. Marital issues don’t have to bog you down as a couple. I’m here to help you with any of the issues that you’re facing in your marriage. I happily offer a free half hour consultation, so don’t hesitate to reach out online and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able to, or you can give me a call at 248-237-6147. I really look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re dealing with depression, the things that you used to do on a regular basis can suddenly become much harder to work your way through. This is especially true if you have to go into work on a daily basis. Although you are experiencing something that is causing you a great deal of difficulty, you’re still expected to show up and be productive every day. You know exactly what you’re going through, but your bosses and coworkers may not. So how exactly do you navigate your way through a situation as difficult as this?

Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few of the best tips and tricks out there. Of course you can also schedule an appointment where we can talk through what’s going on as well.

The Best Tips for Making it Through the Day

What Makes You Happy?

One of the best things you can do is to focus on the things that make you happy. This is true both inside work and outside of it. When you are dealing with depression at work, one thing you can do is to bring in a few things that you like. It could be as simple as adding some decorative plants to your desk (which has repeatedly been shown to decrease stress and improve mood), displaying a picture of yourself and your family, or you could add your favorite painting to one of the walls. You don’t have to go overboard, but bring in a few things that you enjoy and you’ll be off to a good start.

Take Time For Breaks

Another thing you should know is that it’s okay to take breaks. Whether that means taking advantage of your lunch break to go on a relaxing walk or even just stepping outside for a moment when you’re feeling overwhelmed, taking the time to have a moment to yourself to gather your thoughts and refocus can sometimes make a massive difference in how your day is going.

Feel Free to Open Up

You might also feel like you can’t talk about what you’re going through, but the key is simply to know when to do it and who to talk to. For example, you could speak with your HR representative, a trusted colleague, or even your boss. You can decide how much of your story you’d like to share and whether or not to share at all, but sometimes letting those around you know what’s going on provides a level of freedom that makes a huge difference.

Schedule an Appointment Today

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I am available for appointments as well, so no matter what you’re going through, I’d love the opportunity to be there for you and help you to work things out. Best of all, I offer a free half hour consultation, so feel free to contact me online and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or you can give me a call at 248-237-6147. I look forward to speaking with you!

Struggling with an anxiety is no easy feat. Ask anyone who has anxiety problems how it feels and chance are that if you don’t deal with anxiety, you’ll be surprised by what you hear. Those who do deal with it, however, know how overwhelming it can be.

Having an anxiety attack is unlike anything else you’ve experienced before and it can come out of nowhere or be triggered by a certain event. In many cases, anxiety can occur at work.

So what are you to do while you’re on the job? Is there anything you can do to make things better? Fortunately for you, I’ve put together a few tips to help you get through the day.

How to Deal with Anxiety

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

One of the absolute best things you can do for yourself is to simply take a deep breath. Make it a point to lean back and let out a big sigh every now and again. It will do wonders for you! Many therapists agree that taking the time to focus on your breathing on a regular basis can help to decrease any of the negative feelings you’re experiencing.

Take a Break

Chances are that your work allows you breaks on a regular basis. For most people, two fifteen to twenty minute breaks are given throughout the day. Whether you can choose when to take them or you’re working on a schedule, take full advantage of these time! You can choose to walk to a window and get a good view of nature, read a portion of a book by your favorite author, go for a short walk, or even make a phone call and catch up with a friend. Never overestimate the power of taking a break.

See a Psychologist

Perhaps I’m biased here (being a therapist myself), but I strongly believe that while there are some really great general guidelines out there, specific people require specific types of treatment. Seek out counseling services if you find yourself overwhelmed by anxiety and speak to a professional who can listen to your specific situation and look for unique ways to help you get through the day. A trained clinical psychologist is likely to be able to provide you with some helpful information that you probably won’t find elsewhere.

Feel Free to Give Me a Call

If you’re facing an anxiety disorder, I’d love the opportunity to help. I’ve been seeing patients for years and there’s nothing quite like the unique joy that comes from helping people to overcome obstacles on the road to a better life.

No matter what your situation looks like, I’d be glad to speak with you. Don’t hesitate to give me a call at 248-237-6147 to get a free half hour consultation so you can learn all about what we can do to help you combat the anxious feelings you’re having whether they’re at work, at home, or anywhere else. Reach out today to get the help you need. I look forward to hearing from you!

It’s a phrase that gets used a lot--marriage is difficult. In the beginning of a relationship, it can often seem like nothing can go wrong and if it ever does, you’ll work together to get through it. When times get tough and stress starts to take its toll, one of the first things that can tend to break down is communication.

In a previous blog, I discussed a few of my tips for how to have a long and happy marriage. One of my favorite tips is that communication is key. But when things start to get difficult and problems start to feel like they’re piling up, how can you continue to communicate effectively? Is it even possible? Luckily for you, I’ve put together a few of my favorite tips to help you work through everything from relationship problems to arguments over who does what chores to disagreements over which furniture goes where.

How to Communicate More Effectively

No matter what sparked the disagreement, communicating effectively is the key. It might be tough to get through, but trust me when I say that just talking things out is the absolute best thing you can do for your relationship. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

Don’t Interrupt

This is easy advice to give, but difficult advice to take. In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to let emotions take over, causing you to let your communication skills fly out the window. You wouldn’t interrupt a friend during casual conversation, so do your best not to interrupt during an argument.

It can often derail both your train of thought and your partner’s, so make a mental note of what you need to say and store it away until it’s your turn to speak. This bit of advice will go a long way.

Use Your Ears

Probably the best advice you’ll get is to listen as much as you can. There’s a reason for the disagreement to have occurred in the first place, so it’s always in your best interest to listen to the other person to try to get a good feel of where he or she is coming from.

Empathizing is one of the quickest ways to end an argument and de-escalate a situation, and the more you can listen, the more likely you are to understand the other position.

Be Confident and Direct

When you’re making your points, be confident in what you’re saying and direct in how you say it. Take the time to think about what you’re saying and say it to the best of your ability.

No matter what caused the disagreement, there’s an opportunity to get on the same page and have a conversation instead of a yelling match. This is your opportunity to make the most of a tough situation.

If you’re in need of marriage counseling and you live in Michigan, I’d love to help. I’ve been in the business for quite some time and I take a lot of pleasure in helping people to get through difficult situations. Reach out today for a free half hour consultation to see how I can help!

In our previous blog we wrote about how to deal with depression and provided our readers with a few tips on what they could do to get out of a slump. Today’s blog has a few more tips that we think might be of help to people who are dealing with a depression disorder, so keep reading to learn more!

Don’t Let Depression Get the Best of You

If it seems like you’ve been walking around in a fog and you’re not sure what you can do to get out of it, you’re not alone. Everyone has felt the way you’re feeling at some point or another--we point this out not to diminish the way you’re feeling, but to let you know that you’re not alone! Isn’t there some truly great comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one who is dealing with the things you’re going through? No, it might not be exactly the same, but it is comforting knowing that people out there feel the way you’re feeling. Here are three tips to help you push through it:

Treat Yourself

Sometimes one of the best things you can do is just to focus on yourself. Although spending money certainly won’t make you feel better, allowing yourself the pleasure of getting something you’ve always wanted can help. It could be as simple as going to a movie and getting a snack and something to drink. You could buy yourself a new piece of art for your home. Whatever it is, just be sure that you’re treating yourself to something that’s special to you on some level or another.

Talk to a Friend

Other times all it takes is talking to someone. It can be hard to know exactly how you’re feeling until you say it out loud, getting it off of your chest. Chances are that your friends or coworkers would be happy to sit down with you and listen to what’s going on. You have people who care about you, so be sure to take advantage of their kindness and have a heart to heart.

Get Lost in a Good Book

There’s something that’s truly special about a good book. It can capture your attention like almost nothing else can. Whether you revisit a beloved book that you’ve read before or seek out a new book to fall in love, sometimes reading a really great book can help to take your mind off of things and provide you with a form of relief.

See Therapist Dr. Ron Rice Today

Of course choosing to see a therapist is the best way to make your depression a thing of the past. With over 25 years of helping patients to work through the difficult things in their lives, Dr. Ron Rice is here to help you as well. Call today to setup a time for your free half hour consultation to see if a counseling session could be the perfect solution for you. You don’t have to go through this alone, so give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you!

How often do you feel a little bit down? How often do you want nothing to do with the world around you? It’s a given that life will have its ups and downs, but if you’re experiencing a prolonged period of feeling down in the dumps, there’s one thing you should know--there is hope.

If you suffer from depression, chances are that you feel like you’re in a season with more valleys than peaks. You probably also feel like you would like to get things under control and get yourself out of this slump that you find yourself in. Luckily for you, we have a few tips on how to deal with depression, so keep reading to learn more.

What to Do If You’re Depressed

There are a handful of reasons that you could be depressed. Depression may run in your family. For others, they might be able to pinpoint the exact event that caused the depression to start with. The thing that isn’t always so obvious is what you can do to help. Not to worry though, because we have a few tips to help.

Get Some Exercise

This is one tip you hear somewhat often, and for good reason. Getting exercise is a great way to get out and get your heart racing, allowing your body to produce some adrenalin and flood you with positive feelings. If, however, the thought of going for a run isn’t particularly enticing, you could do something that excites you. Whether it’s kickboxing, a stationary bicycle, or joining a softball team, giving your body a chance to do something is never a bad idea.

Find a New Hobby

Sometimes having a new focus can help in a big way. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up woodworking. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to paint. No matter what your potential hobby is, it’s a good way to point your brain in a different direction so to speak.

Redecorate Your Home

Other times you just need a change of pace, so simply painting your home in calming hues can help. Blues and greens provide calming feelings, so find a way to incorporate a color that you love into your home and you’ll be off to a good start. You can also do things that bring you joy like bringing in fresh flowers or adding photos of your loved ones.

See a Therapist

If you’re depressed, going to therapy can be a massive step in the right direction. Depression is something that can be treated, so if you’ve been feeling down for awhile, Dr. Ron Rice would love to help you get your bearings and work through what’s going on in your life.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you call Dr. Rice today, you can even get a free 30 minute consultation in order to set yourself up for success. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Rice has helped a number of patients to work through the events in their lives that caused them pain. No matter what you’re going through, he’s here to help. You have real problems and you need real solutions. Call today.


If you’re married, chances are that you’re going to get into a disagreement with your spouse at some point or another. It’s inevitable, after all, that two unique individuals are going to find something to disagree about; whether it’s what color to paint the living room or what to watch when you’re relaxing for the evening, different people have different ideas about how to approach things.

Sometimes you can reach an agreement and move on. Other times finding a compromise is a little bit more difficult. It’s completely natural that even two people who love each other could get into a disagreement, right? But what do you do when you just can’t seem to get past something? What happens when you feel like your feelings aren’t a priority? How do you get past figuring out who is right and who is wrong?

Marriage Counseling Is The Answer

When you get married, all you really have to base your marriage on is how your parents interacted. If you’re lucky, they left you with a good template, but even then it can be difficult to navigate how you’re supposed to handle any given situation.

Fortunately for you, if you’re interested in couples counseling to work through your marriage problems, you’re in the right place. Therapist Dr. Ron Rice has over two and a half decades worth of experience in walking couples through the process of working things out. No matter what type of marital issues you’re experiencing, you can rest assured that a little bit of help from a trained professional will go a long way towards getting things back on track.

A Few Tips From the Pros

Although relationship counseling is the preferred method of dealing with the issues that have come up, there are a few things you can do to get on the right track. After years of helping couples to work through their problems, we’ve found a number of solutions that do the trick the majority of the time. You can learn about these tips by visiting our marriage counseling page to give a few of these solutions a try.

Or, of course, we’re always here to help. Sometimes all you need is a third party who can help you to unpack a few of the issues you have and help you to make the most of your marriage. After all, you fell in love with your spouse, so it’s worth the time and energy to make an effort to get yourself back on the right track.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Marital issues are nothing new in this world and if you’re going through a tough time, we’d love to help. As a matter of fact, we’re happy to announce that if you’re considering marriage counseling, we’re offering a free half hour consultation to get you started.

If you’re unhappy in your marriage, you don’t have to simply hope for the best. You’re going through real problems, but we want you to know that there are real solutions. Contact Dr. Ron Rice today to get started on the path back towards a happy marriage.

If you’ve ever had a panic attack, you know exactly how difficult it can be to get an understanding of what to do. For many people, it’s an experience that’s punctuated with fear. It often starts with sweating, confusion, or dizziness. It’s also one that can often feel confusing, especially if you’ve never had a panic attack in the past. What you should know is that it’s something you don’t have to deal with on your own.

Have you ever been afraid of leaving the house? Do you get anxiety just thinking about an event that you have coming up? Are you living in fear of social situations in which you could be judged or humiliated for a mistake? Anxiety problems are more common than you might think, because after all, when we’re going through something that’s so difficult, doesn’t it often feel like we’re alone? Doesn’t it feel like you don’t know where to turn?

Seeing a Therapist Can Help

No matter what you’re experiencing, we want you to know that all you have to do is reach out for help. As matter of fact, Michigan therapist Dr. Ron Rice is here to help you feel better. Because nearly 20 million Americans deal with some type of anxiety disorder, it’s more important now than it’s ever been before that the word gets out--what you’re experiencing is treatable!

The key to success, of course, is knowing that it’s okay to reach out for help when you need it. So many people think that they can overcome a challenge on their own. Others think that it’s displaying weakness to seek help. The truth of the matter though is that seeking anxiety therapy is going to be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

Treating a Social Anxiety Disorder Without Medication

Although a number of anxiety problems exist, many have the possibility of being treated without the use of any medication. When you visit Dr. Ron Rice, you can rest assured that we’ll take all of the details into account, going over your situation in order to figure out what the best solution is for you. You deserve to get treatment that works for you and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that we find a solution that’s tailored to suit your unique needs.

Help Is Out There!

Seeing a clinical therapist could be exactly what you need to do. No matter what you’re up against, what you need to know is that help is out there. You don’t have to live in isolation, trying to figure out a way to deal with your situation on your own.

If you’ve been wondering where to treat an anxiety disorder, your search is over. Whatever you’re going through, Dr. Rice can help. All it takes is a phone call. As a matter of fact, we’re offering a free half hour consultation so if you’re not sure if our counseling services are for you, give us a call and see what you think. We’d love nothing more than to work with you and provide you with the effective treatment you’ve been looking for.

Over the past 30 years, I have had the opportunity of providing marital counseling to over 500 couples. What a challenge! Having an adult, caring, respectful, and loving marriage is hard work. Those that are able to benefit from marriage counseling share some common characteristics. 1) Couples that do well in counseling tend to be above average in intelligence, 2) Couples are very dissatisfied with their marriage, and 3) Couples to succeed must have a willingness to take a non-defensive look at themselves and deal with some of the emotional pain that is part of the counseling process.

It is my experience that there are also some factors that tend to predict that marriage counseling is not likely to be helpful. This does not mean that it is impossible but rather that the probability of a successful outcome is significantly reduced. 1) Affairs, 2)Substance Abuse, and 3) Domestic Violence. However in my career I have occasionally had success if an affair is an isolated occurrence and the other conditions are not in play. Substance abuse of course tears marriages apart. Here the individual must be willing to do whatever it takes to overcome this problem. Finally, I find that although domestic violence victims often stay married, marriage counseling often results in a divorce. Individuals involved in perpetual physical abuse tend to never change.

I have been fortunate in that about 80% of the couples I have seen have learned how to have a more constructive, adult, and meaningful relationship. The others because of some of the issues raised above end up getting a divorce.

If you know couples struggling with their marriage, tell them to give me a call and set up an appointment. I will evaluate their situation and proceed accordingly.

Finally, I want to deal with the reality that for many different reasons, couples will get a divorce. In such a situation, individuals often do not know where to look to find a capable attorney to represent their best interests. I would like to take a few minutes talking about Mr. Dan Moss, a divorce attorney who I have had professional relationship with for over 17 years. Mr. Moss is certainly unique. Let me explain. Sometimes individuals come to his office and indicate that they want to hire him with respect to a divorce. After evaluating the situation, he often suggests to them to try giving marital counseling a chance. Some of these couples have been referred to me and in most cases, marital counseling has helped avoid a divorce. Mr. Moss fees strongly that marital counseling in most cases should be tried before considering a divorce. There are of course exceptions to the "rule".

For example, it is virtually impossible that Mr. Moss would refer a perpetrator of domestic violence and the victim for marital counseling.

I have had professional relationships over the years with many goo attorneys. However, I have never found a divorce attorney who is so interested in helping couples avoid divorce. He is adamant about doing whatever is necessary to do what is truly is the best interest of children. If someone you know is struggling with who to call for legal representation in a divorce, I strongly recommend that they call Mr. Dan Moss at (248) 855-5656 or visit his web site at www.dmosslaw.com.

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"Till death do us part" are a part of traditional marriage vows that not always taken seriously. Marriage has turned into something that is easily thrown away.

Successful marriages don't just happen. Successful, long term marriages happen because the couple works hard at the marriage.

After 40 years counseling relationship/marriages, I find that when individuals talk about their problems, each points to the other as the "cause of their difficulties". Throughout the counseling process, I emphasize the importance of each person to accept responsibility for making the relationship better. This is easier said than done since the typical response is "Our marriage will be better when he/she changes". Some individuals state that the really care about their significant other but are at a loss of words in terms of identify specific behaviors that go along with "caring". The same is the case with such words as love, commitment, etc. In conclusion, "loving words" can only have meaning when they are backed up with specific actions.

The following concepts are difficult to achieve. Sometimes people do not know the particular skill sets that go along with the words. In this case couples need some guidance or counseling.

Never say the "D" word

There is no such thing as the perfect marriage

Communication is key

Trust each other


Friendship first

Hug and kiss and touch each other often

Vocalize appreciation

Play together, stay together

If these concepts seem appealing but hard to reach and you would like to have more information about "good" and "bad" marriages check out my web site at www.drronrice.com. I have an abundance of valuable information. If I can be helpful to you or someone you know, give me a call at (248) 760-2571. I would be glad to help. I have worked with over 500 couples in my career.

It is never to late to change and grow in order to have a more meaningful, satisfying, and happy life.

Quote: "Our marriage has always been a 50-50 proposition - with the possible exception of closet space" Gene Perret

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